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why migration assistance?

Why do you need a migration consultant?

  • To find the best solution for the country you are interested in
  • To follow migration law changes on regular basis on your behalf
  • To advise you on over 150 different visa classes / subclasses and choose one suitable for you and your situation
  • To choose appropriate solution for off shore and on shore situations
  • To assist with special conditions for every visa class that you have to be aware of and that are explained only in Migration law literature
  • To choose appropriate skills assessment authority (there are over 40 skills assessment authorities in Australia only)
  • To professionally prepare your documentation
  • To update your case regularly and improve your chances of desired outcome
  • To find investment and business partners for you
  • To give you first hand information for all countries we offer solutions for
  • To help you with basic information on life and settlement in a new country
  • To prepare the program of settlement and employment

We have to and want to work strictly under the Code of Conduct provided by government authorities and professional bodies.

We are aware of all concerns and difficulties you may meet when moving to a new country – with our assistance your move and transition will be as smooth and easy as possible. By receiving no-nonsense first-hand advice on local culture, employment, life, habits and other issues, you will love your new future and new life.

Contact info@activemigration.com or click here for a free assessment.


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